Price List

All treatment prices include full aftercare and a top up appointment.

Permanent makeup - Eyebrows

I believe creating the perfect set of eyebrows is as much an art as it is a science with an accurate measurement and in depth analysis of your facial features required in order to make sure your new eyebrows are the perfect shape, tailored individually for you to create a truly natural and harmonious effect to enhance your natural beauty and make you look years younger - whether it is to give you a subtle brow lift, replace missing ends or add hairs to sparse areas. Remember, the eyes may be the window to your soul, but the eyebrows are their frame.


Permanent makeup - Eyelash enhancement

Enjoy the appearance of fuller, darker lashes and fabulously defined eyes with permanent eye makeup, giving you professional makeup results all of the time whilst eliminating the need for you to remove your eyeliner on nightly basis. Permanent eye makeup is also the perfect solution for those who have poor eyesight, unsteady hands or allergies to makeup.

An eyelash enhancement gives you a subtle appearance of fuller, darker lashes with minute dots of lash colour between the lashes – similar to the look of an eyelash tint - attracting more attention to ‘bare’ eyes.

Eyelash enhancement (upper) - £200
Eyelash enhancement (upper & lower) - £250

Permanent makeup - Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is the perfect way to wake up every morning with naturally beautiful, perfectly-placed eye definition.

Eyeliner small- medium (upper) - £300
Eyeliner small - medium (upper & lower) - £350

Thick (upper) - £350
Thick eyeliner (upper & lower) - £400

Latino eyeliner - £400

Eyeliner bottom on it's own - £100

Permanent makeup - Lip enhancement

Perfect your pout with permanent lip makeup to add fullness, definition and colour to your lips 24 hours a day that can be enhanced further by simply applying a clear lip gloss.

A lip liner will enhance or correct thin or uneven lips by creating definition and symmetry.

Lip liner - £300

A natural lip blush will restore natural balance and symmetry by adding a blush of colour, which when blended inwards from your lip line will create the desired 3D effect of fuller lips.

Natural lip blush - £350

A full lip colour will add warmth and colour and restore youthful definition by taking the blush completely through the whole of the lips for a full lipstick effect.

Full lip colour - £400

Secure your booking with a £50 deposit.

“I had a really lovely relaxing couple of hours being pampered by Lucie. I have a new set of eyebrows to show off and no more need to spend 30 mins trying to draw them on everyday.

Joanne – Tadley

If you would like to know more about permanent makeup or arrange a FREE consultation please contact me on 07340 674676.